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Meeting Update San Francisco

October Report
The San Francisco NABC is just around the corner, if you have not made plans yet its not too late!
There are many hotels nearby and the playing site is awesome!
Here is an overview of the hot topics in San Francisco meetings:
1. Governance There is a plan to reduce the Board to from 25 to 13 , via combining some districts for voting purposes, the new "represenatives" will not actually represent the area they get elected from but the ACBL.

There are many many motions and my post NABC report will include many more and the decisions on the above.
You can add comments to the survey or if you have opinions you would like me to consider please feel free to email me at

Pre Meeting Memphis Agenda

For current meeting reports please go here

I will be traveling to Horn Lake March 17-19 to meet the ACBL staff at headquarters and receive further orientation.

We will then move onto Memphis March 20-25 for meetings.

The more interesting Issues so far:

191-02  a BOG Motion to ban for life anyone convicted of "collusive cheating" 

191-03 a BOD Motion to ban cheaters for 10 years and to allow application after 5 years if they admit guilt. This Board option offers AC flexibility in cases where 191-02 does not. Age, level and admission it is felt should be mitigating factors.

191-04 Deals with cleaning up language that is: To clarify and simplify process for moving matters from Units and Districts to the Board of Directors when appropriate.

191-10 A Bridge Committee motion to increase MP awards for 4 session Regional events other than KO by 40% over a 2 session event. by using an artificial table count below it. I worked with AJStephani to modify this to a straight 60% increase with a MP limit of 50 MP. This accomplishes the goal withou trying to manipulate the data to give an award higher than a sililiar 2 session event with a flight below it.

191-13 Allows clubs to run any two games under the Jane Johnson Club Appreciation in October, currently it allows 1 pair game and 1 team game, many clubs are complaining about the difficulty and table loss for the team game.

191-14 Motion to allow a 18 board regional event to pay the same as a 24 board regional event. The thought is to allow a three session KO to complete in the time of a 2 session event and still pay full 3 session awards. The motion did not gain any traction in committee, and will go to the board without an endorsement.

191-21 ans 191-22 Are BOG motions to first incentivize and second reward recruiters. I feel that this is a good idea as does most of the board, however the motion falls short in many areas, and the consensus is that we can get a better resolution so I expect these to fail but not the idea just the motion as written. I feel we can do more than the motion allows for recruiters, (there is a $49 limit per year no matter the recruiting effort). Expect the spirit to move forward but these motions to fail.

191-50 NABC Child Care

Moved that: the ACBL provide options for child care at every NABC. 
History: Submitted by Gloria Tsoi McDevitt District 25, Fall 2018 NABC meeting in Honolulu, item 183-05BG: NABC Child Care
Notes: This would seem an endorsement of The ACBL Codification, Chapter VIII - North American Championships, Section E: Operations: 
1.16 Child Care 
1.16.1 Child care services will be offered at all NABCs. 

191-51-52 Are management motions to save money by cutting the Goodwill receptions to 1 per year, and 52 limits the compensation to the Goodwill Chair (Sandy DeMartino) 

In committee I was able to get some support for keeping the 3 meetings instead of the proposed 1, with the exception of removing the Open Bar in favor of a Cash Bar. However I was the lone vote against cutting the stipends for GW Chair to 2 nights hotel and 2 days free play, in place of the current airfare, 2 nights hotel and free playes for the duration of the tournament. The majority felt we needed to save more money as we kept the 3 meetings and more importantly the stiupend was more inline with the other volunteer chairs. These will go to the boartd and we will see what happens.

If any more that seem interesting I will post them.

District Director Orientation

The first introduction was held January 30, 2019 via a 4 hour webinar with HQ.

My Committees

Bridge Committee

This committee deals with the playing of bridge, including NABC scheduling, masterpoints, events, tournaments, and conditions of contests.  This year the committee will be focused on simplifying the tournament award system and implementing SOF awards for pairs/Swiss. 

NABC Review Committee

A subset of the Bridge Committee we analyze past NABC's to better plan for the future.

We research locations for upcoming NABC's.


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