National Motions

Memphis Agenda

I will be traveling to Horn Lake March 17-19 to meet the ACBL staff at headquarters and receive further orientation.

We will then move onto Memphis March 20-25 for meetings.

The more interesting Issues so far:

191-02  a BOG Motion to ban for life anyone convicted of "collusive cheating" 

191-03 a BOD Motion to ban cheaters for 10 years and to allow application after 5 years if they admit guilt. This Board option offers AC flexibility in cases where 191-02 does not. Age, level and admission it is felt should be mitigating factors.

191-10 A Bridge Committee motion to increase MP awards for 4 session Regional events other than KO by 40% over a 2 session event.

Item 191-50: NABC Child Care
Moved that: the ACBL provide options for child care at every NABC. 
History: Submitted by Gloria Tsoi McDevitt District 25, Fall 2018 NABC meeting in Honolulu, item 183-05BG: NABC Child Care
Notes: This would seem an endorsement of The ACBL Codification, Chapter VIII - North American Championships, Section E: Operations: 
1.16 Child Care 
1.16.1 Child care services will be offered at all NABCs. 

There is a lot more any that seem interesting I will post them.

District Director Orientation

The first introduction was held January 30, 2019 via a 4 hour webinar with HQ.

My Committees

Bridge Committee

This committee deals with the playing of bridge, including NABC scheduling, masterpoints, events, tournaments, and conditions of contests.  This year the committee will be focused on simplifying the tournament award system and implementing SOF awards for pairs/Swiss. 

NABC Review Committee

A subset of the Bridge Committee we analyze past NABC's to better plan for the future.

We research locations for upcoming NABC's.


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  • If you won an event at an NABC and you do not see your name here, PLEASE let me know and I will add you, occasionally it is possible that I miss a result and I want you to be recognized.
  • If you are aware of an ongoing voting issue not included please email me to have it included here.

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