GNT 2019

The Grand National Teams will be held in conjunction with the 0-750 Gold Mine April 13 and 14th, 2019.

4 Flights will compete for the right to represent NEBC D25 at the Summer nationals in 2019, the winners will receive $2000.00 per team to help with expenses to attend nationals. In Flights B and C two teams will advance to NABC Finals and second place will receive $1200.00 per team.

There will be a full breakfast served to all participants on Sunday morning this year between 8:15 and 9:30 AM, this will serve as a social function and replace the $5 lunch chit on Sunday. So we upgraded to a $16 breakfast buffet from a $5 coupon for you. Money subsidized from the Grass Roots FUNd.

NAP 2018-2019

The North American Pairs is our Premiere Pair event of the year. A great 4 session event for flight A and B a 2 session Championship for flight C.

The Winners, second, third (and fourth in flight B and C) are rewarded with a CASH stipend to attend the Spring NABC and compete in the national finals of their flight. The First and Second Awards are paid by the ACBL at the National tournament site, you will need your ID and fill out a tax form to receive the award. The Third and Fourth awards are paid courtest District 25 via the Grass Roots Fund and are sent directly to the winners when they notify us they will be attending the finals. In all cases to receive the award you must attend the National Finals.

Flights A, B and C will be held at the Mansfield Regional Flight C on November 10, and Flight B on November 9 and 10, all games start at 10AM.

This years stipends are : $1st $700 from the ACBL at the NABC, 2nd $300 from the ACBL at the NABC, 3rd and 4th will each receive $200 per player from District 25. This represents an increase from $100 in past years thanks to District 25 and the Grass Roots FUNd.

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