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Memphis Spring 2019

Elvis loved Memphis and after a full 2 weeks there I can say I see why. The city is a throwback in time to an era long gone. 
A mix of modern with the fifties making its own jambalaya of time.
9944 Tables of players descended on the city for 10 days of play and sightseeing. 
Attendance was good, the playing space was ideal, and the city welcoming.

Next up : July 18-28, 2019 Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan. The room block is expanding next week so if you have any reservation issue try again after the 12th.The Cosmopolitan is a 5 star hotel and one of the nicest venues we will attend so do not miss it.
Entry fees are going up for the first time in 9 years starting in Las Vegas. NABC $30, NABC $22, Regional Games $20 (including single session games) 
and no changes to the I/N Games ($15).

Board meetings Highlights:
(Motion numbers first 2 digits are the year so 19=2019, 1, 2 or 3 are the NABC number in the year Memphis was first so its 191 and the -xx is the actual motion number)
191-50 Child Care to be at every NABC. Motion Failed. We have several venues including the upcoming Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas that will not allow children in rooms unless with parent. In fact it took some quick work on the part of the NABC staff to get alternate venue for the Youth Bridge players at Las Vegas to have a place to stay. The ACBL is working on third party vendors to be available whenever possible and this was approved.
191-51 Goodwill Reception cutback to once per year. As you know our own Sandy DeMartino is the Goodwill Chair at the NABC and she asked us to try to save this event. I was in the committee and was able to modify the original motion to eliminate the "Open Bar" at all GW Receptions in leiu of a cash bar, a move that would save $7,500 of the target $20,000 without losing any meetings. This was a close vote the motion to keep the meetings with the cost cutting measure passed 13-12.
191-10 A motion by AJ Stephani to increase the awards for 4 session regional pair games. The original motion was to include tables below in the calculation plus keep the 40% increase already in place. However there are no actual tables below a 4 session event, so I worked with AJ, Peter Marcus and David Metcalf to arrive at a solution that works, the award will increase by 60% over a 2 session game and be capped at 50MP. This motion as modified passed.
191-02 Banning Collusive Cheaters for life. This motion took a lot of time and work. No one wants to be seen supporting cheaters, however we all believe in rehabilitation to some extent so we had issues with the BOG motion as presented. The motion was about to fail when a few of us asked for a friendly amendment to the motion to modify it to say " Premeditated or Collusive cheating, in a NABC+ or equivalent event (Basically any event that carries the Grand Life Master Qualification with it) will be banned for life. This motion as modified passed 16-9.
191-05, 191-06 Deal with vacating titles won from known cheaters. These two motions were supported in passionate testimony from Steve Weinstein and Brad Moss, they were credible and powerful. We also heard from Legal about Ex Post Facto law and the possible consequences. A motion to set these motions aside until Las Vegas was passed until we know more.
191-07 Voluntary Relinquishment of titles won with known cheaters was passed easily.

Governance Committee presented their plan in progress to restructure the ACBL administration. The new plan is to change from 25 Directors from each district with a vote, to 9 directors from any location(s) with a vote and change the BOG from 125 to 50 (2 from each district) and rename it the "Senate". The Senate is the pool they plan to have make up the committees now in place by board members, however Senate will not get a vote on the board and apparently not have any check and balance on the board as the BOG has now. Effectively each district would lose their voting power in favor of 9 selected by a nominating committee in the spirit of "more efficiency" at decision making. If you have an opinion on this I would love to hear it.

Management Reports
 Joe Jones Executive Director presented us with a management report, that was well planned and executed.
Financial Report showed 1.9MM in losses, in entirety due to losses in Hawaii, a failed technology project started under the former CEO, and Lawsuits.
All NABC Future contracts are under review so this will not likely repeat. We have a new Chief Technology Officer Susie Cordell, who brings experience and common sense to the team. I expect the situation to improve dramatically. We have one significant lawsuit remaining dealing with FLSA violations, it is being handled by outside council at this time.

D25 at the Tables Memphis

Vanderbilt 9-16 Doug Doub and Frank Merblum

PLATINUM PAIRS 10th Bernard Yomtov

FAST PAIRS 4th Doug Doub and Yigi Starr

FAST PAIRS 10th Lew Gammerman and Harrison Luba

SILODOR PAIRS 2nd Adam Grossack



FLIGHT B NAP WINNERS Yin Yichen and Chang Liu 60 MP Congrats! 

      District 25 Top 25 MP Winners
   1   188.24  Adam Grossack,  Newton MA
   2   136.24  Douglas Doub,  West Hartford CT
   3   122.21  Victor King,  Hartford CT
   4   109.91  Ronald Mak,  Manchester NH
   5    98.51  Lew Gamerman,  Randolph MA
   6    95.68  Franklin Merblum,  Bloomfield CT
   7    74.78  Zachary Grossack,  Newton MA
   8    68.35  Laurence Lebowitz,  Boston MA
   9    66.77  Geoffrey Brod,  Avon CT
  10    65.24  Bernard Yomtov,  Cambridge MA
  11    62.24  Walter Lee,  Sudbury MA
  12    61.75  Allan Graves,  Saint Johnsbury VT
  13    61.12  Lloyd Arvedon,  Hudson NH
  14    60.00  Yin Yichen,  Boston MA
  15    60.00  Chang Liu,  Cambridge MA
  16    54.71  Harold Nordstrom,  Reading MA
  17    49.51  Robert Lavin,  East Longmeadow MA
  18    49.18  Phyllis Fireman,  Chestnut Hill MA
  19    47.30  Ann Hudson,  Suffield CT
  20    46.31  Stephen Gladyszak,  Chelsea MA
  21    44.44  Yiji Starr,  Wayland MA
  22    44.04  Bart Bussink,  Cambridge MA
  23    43.66  Susan Lincoln,  Boxford MA
  24    43.46  Mark Aquino,  Jamaica Plain MA
  25    42.64  Alan Godes,  Needham MA

Full Winners List       Complete MP Winners in Memphis

Memphis Nights

Sunset City View

Elvis Pink Cadillac

Phones Peabody Hotel

Hawaii Fall 2018

Hawaii was a wonderful spot, beautiful weather, and a true vacation paradise. The attendance was very poor (6032 Tables) and those that missed this tournament missed a truly perfect vacation / bridge event. So much to do and eat! Poke' (POH-KAY) was on many menus and is spicy raw fish (Usually AHI) that is prepared in a multitude of ways. I tried it and it was better than I thought. Every fish dish I had was delicious, and the pineapple was as good as you think it was.

I was not the District Director yet in Hawaii but I served in the Board of Governors as First Alternate. So basically just one meeting and the rest of the mornings I got to visit Hawaii. I have to admit the tournament made me long for the 1 and 7:30 schedule, all morning to visit the area local to the tournament, Play a session of bridge and a nice 3 hour or more break to have dinner with friends, nap or walk, and back for the second session well rested and ready to go. With our 10 and 2:15 schedule it is socially a different experience.

I will have more complete reports when I start attending meetings.

Bridge Winners:

NABC+ EVENTS  (Top 10)

Arthur Crystal, Fairfield CT Baze Senior KO  3rd
Adam Grossack, Newton MA  NABC+ Mixed Swiss  7th


Barry Margolin, Arlington MA 0-6K Pairs  2nd


Gloria McDevitt, Medford MA; Lon Sunshine - Ivanie Yeo, Merrimack NH; Elizabeth Gompels, Cambridge MA, Bracketed Swiss
R Michelle Green, Somerville MA; Julian Jefferson, Manchester NH, Monday Gold Rush Pairs
Linda Robinson - Eric Schwartz, Arlington MA Flight X Regional Pairs
Karen McCallum, Exeter NH; Victor King, Hartford CT, Monday CKO-B1 
Barton Buffington, North Kingstown RI; Paul Burnham, Wilton CT; Sonja Smith, North Granby CT Monday CKO-B2 
Friday Open Pairs Flight B Gary Miyashiro, West Redding CT; Michael Hess, Wilton CT


Peter Manzon, Waltham MA; Rick Holcomb, Malden MA Side Game 
Sabrina Miles, Mansfield MA; Mark Aquino, Jamaica Plain MA Side Game 
Nathan Glasser, Somerville MA Side Game 

HAWAII Top 25 MP Winners

94.40 Lloyd Arvedon Hudson NH
86.25 Adam Grossack Newton MA
81.16 Douglas Doub West Hartford CT
73.50 Arthur Crystal Fairfield CT
66.80 Barry Margolin Arlington MA
64.58 Nathan Glasser Somerville MA
56.29 Victor King Hartford CT
53.93 Eric Schwartz Arlington MA
53.83 Mark Aquino Jamaica Plain MA
51.68 Ken Bloom Acton MA
49.88 Wayne Burt Pembroke NH
47.32 Debbie Benner Fairfield CT
40.96 Barton Buffington North Kingstown RI
40.83 Allan Graves Saint Johnsbury VT
40.67 Randolph Johnson Suffield CT
35.52 Karen McCallum Exeter NH
34.05 Michael Hess Wilton CT
34.05 Gary Miyashiro West Redding CT
32.44 Stephen Gladyszak Chelsea MA
31.81 Rick Holcomb Malden MA
31.81 Peter Manzon Waltham MA
31.70 Sabrina Miles Mansfield MA
31.20 Paul Burnham Wilton CT
31.20 Sonja Smith North Granby CT
28.78 Robert Bertoni Haverhill MA


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