D25 Items of Interest

Credit Cards

You can now pay with a credit card at the directors station when buying entries.

Knock In - Knock Out

D25 has changed the Mid Week KO to smaller brackets and basically 80% of the teams entering will make the overalls (A few brackets will be 67%). This is a loophole created by a recent change that I expect may go away but for now if you need GOLD Points do not miss this event.
The top bracket(s) will remain unchanged, this applies to teams with 0 MP to 10,000 MP total, the brackets will be small so your competition will be all teams similiar to yours!

NAP News

District 25 has voted to move the flight A NAP into Mansfield Regional joinging the flight B and C NAP on Saturday November 9th and finals on Sunday November 10th 2019.

Senior Regional

The Senior Regional will be held in Hyannis in 2020.

The Senior Regional is a "grandfathered tournament" D25 has the privledge of holding 5 regionals per year rather than 4 because of this tournament. 

This is one of two tournaments in the USA that can offer Gold, Red and Silver points in one venue. It also impacts the "Senior MP Race" 

Make Plans to Visit the Cape Next Year !

District 25 Bucks

The District has started selling "D25 Bucks" at $15 each so you can use your credit card to buy entries. Get credit card points along with your Master Points! Can it get any better?

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  • If you won an event at an NABC and you do not see your name here, PLEASE let me know and I will add you, occasionally it is possible that I miss a result and I want you to be recognized.
  • If you are aware of an ongoing voting issue not included please email me to have it included here.

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